Hello, I’m Stephanie!

I’m here to share the pleasures of cooking, eating and dining with you. The recipes on this blog are created with fresh ingredients & local organic foods for plant-based vegan and vegetarian dishes. I’m passionate about the pleasures of food.

In my own style of eating and cooking, pleasure is an essential ingredient. While being healthy and eating well is definitely on the menu, enjoying food and feeling good is what being a sensual foodie is all about.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, California with my three wonderful children Benjamin, Hannah and Sayuri, and my longtime sweetheart Eddie. We love exploring the cultural landscape of our big city, finding restaurants we can all dine together at, exploring botanical gardens, visiting cafes to satisfy my almond milk matcha latte obsession, and my favorite thing to do on a Sunday: wander through our local farmers' market in search of organic produce.

I get inspired by all the colors of fruits and veggies, which gives me ideas for recipes to make. I also enjoy being able to connect with the people who grow the produce we eat.

As a home cook and mom, I spend a lot of time figuring things out as I make it. I don’t follow recipes, but just love to create them! I spent my early twenties in culinary school and studied French classic cooking and pastry. Now I like to transform those classics into healthier plant-based versions.

I'm on Instagram often and would love it if you'd join me there too. Follow @stephaniekordan for the beautiful food photography and enjoy my behind-the-scenes stories. I post recipes with pretty food photos, but also share a little bit more about who I am and what I love to do. I mainly shoot with my Nikon, but sometimes my iPhone captures the perfect shot too.

Also I began a vegan t-shirt line of my own handcrafted designs that are fun to wear and share my love for living a vegan plant-based lifestyle.

My intention through this blog is to show you how to shift from an omnivorous diet to a “more plants, less animals” way of cooking and creating food. There are no rules here, only fresh inspiration to feel lighter, eat greener, and cook consciously.

Bon Appetit!

If you’re a brand interested in collaboration, feel free to send an email to stephanie@thesensualfoodie.com for rates and media kit. I’ve worked with Birch Benders, CrockPot, Waiakea, Fix & Fogg, Veggie Grill, Lahtt Sauce, BanzaPalais des Thes, Maille Mustard, Adagio Teas, Kissa Tea, Maison du Bon, Vana Life Foods, Purple Carrot, Rasa Coffee, and many more.

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About The Sensual Foodie

The Sensual Foodie inspires culinary creativity with plant-based recipes. Creator and founder Stephanie Kordan created The Sensual Foodie as a feast for the senses. She shares her own recipes, inspiring you to eat more plant-based foods, regardless of being wholly vegan, paleo, pescatarian or omnivore. 

Stephanie Kordan is an artist, writer, blogger, mother, and creative spirit. She creates every recipe post and tempting photo for The Sensual Foodie since 2011. She also writes articles for various publications, such as LAWeekly, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Vice Munchies. A lifelong vegetarian, Stephanie creates plant-based recipes at home. Her food philosophy is rooted in vegetarian cooking in a casual California style. She is a Los Angeles native with a passion for discovering all things vegetarian in the city.

Stephanie appeared on MasterChef on Fox as a food critic (Season 7 "Critics Choice" episode 17) and is a guest food critic on the new Gordon Ramsay tv series 24 Hours: To Hell and Back (episode 5, La Serenata).